How To Style A Rented Apartment

If you are renting an apartment for the first time, this can be an exciting yet stressful experience. Moving all of your personal belongings, deciding what is to come and what isn’t. Once you have moved in, you will probably be looking around thinking that it’s very bare. Well, this is your opportunity to add some personality to the apartment. We know what you are thinking, how do I style a rented apartment? Well, that’s easy, just follow these simple steps on how to style a rented apartment without losing your deposit. This goes without saying, but speak to your landlord first and ask permission.

Transform The Walls

Adding a fresh lick of paint to any room can automatically transform it into something else. As said earlier, this is best be discussed with your landlord but it is usually okay if you are happy to amend it when you leave. Adding colour to your apartment will add some personality and style to the room, leaving it feeling less bare and cold. If you wanted to go the extra mile you could always make a statement wall with removable wallpaper. This is a great idea if you are struggling with colour schemes as you can use the colours in the wallpaper to match your soft furnishings.

Buy Houseplant

One thing that is for certain is you can never have too many plants. Indoor plants look great and they also have health benefits, so it’s a win-win. They help to brighten up an otherwise gloomy room and bring a sense of life to a space. When you introduce natural materials, colours, patterns, and textures into a space, you will automatically feel calm, relaxed and restored. There are many great house plants out there, it is all about your personal style so have fun exploring.

Buy A Statement Rug

If you have dull carpets, wooden flooring or a cheaper alternative, then you are going to want to spruce this up with a statement rug. A statement rug can seriously add new life to a room with colour. If you have used stick-on wallpaper, this is a great way to incorporate the colour scheme for a more uniform look.

When choosing a rug there are a few things to consider when deciding on the size of the rug. Many people buy a small rug and then later want a larger, so if you are choosing between two sizes, opt for the larger as this will show purpose rather than you missing the mark.

Invest In Lighting

Natural light is what everyone wants when they are living somewhere, but some people are much luckier than others. South facing home will get more natural light throughout the day whereas a north-facing home will only get light in the mornings. Even if you don’t have much natural light, there are some things you can do about your lighting situation.

Table lamps and freestanding lamps are two fantastic options. They are versatile and come in millions of designs, materials and light shades so the world is your oyster. If you wanted, you could go maximalist and make it a feature piece, but if you don’t, opt for something of your style and mix it up a bit.

Buy Your Comfy Bedding

Adding personality to your bedroom is a must. Whether this is by adding a rug, hanging some pictures or even just simply changing your duvet cover set. Adding some new bed linen is a great way to add some personality to your bedroom. Add colours and textures to make the room feel extra relaxing. The bed takes up the most room in your bedroom, so having a beautifully designed pillow display will create a huge impact.

Hang Curtains

If you have ugly blinds that you are dying to hide, then a great way of doing this is by adding some curtains. Obviously, this is best when you match the colour scheme of the room. These can be as thick or as thin as you need. Thin mesh curtains are beautiful for the summer and create a nice airy feel whereas black-out curtains are great for bedrooms to keep the light out.

If you are not allowed to put nails in for a real curtain pole, you could always look at spring-loaded poles. A way you could persuade your landlord to let you do this is by telling them that it keeps the heat in and the cold out.

Customise Your Kitchen Splashback

Kitchen splashbacks are useful, but they can be seriously ugly sometimes. If you do have a splashback that you hate, then there is an easy way in which you can remedy this. Removable splashback stickers are a great way to hide the old tiles.

If you don’t have tiles and just a painted surface, this is where you can get adventurous. Rather than tile stickers, you can get removable splashback tiles that look real and work well. They are easy to clean and easy to remove when you move out.

There are so many different ways in which you can decorate your rented apartment, just remember to ask your landlord before you start and this will prevent you from losing your deposit. It will also help you to plan what you are going to do in each room.

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