10 Small Apartment Decorating Ideas on a Budget

10 Small Apartment Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Most of the world population is living in smaller apartments. Although bigger houses are maybe decorated with somewhat more attention to detail as there is a lot of space to work with, but the sheer number of smaller apartments can’t be overlooked by decorative companies or decorative products sellers. Besides the smaller space availability in those small sized homes demands great decoration ideas in order to make them look appealing. Fashion centric people even in small apartments pay a lot of attention and spend a lot of money to make their space look more attractive and charming.

It there is a small sized (about 6 inches) old picture frame lying around somewhere in the store, utilize it purposefully to create a key holder out of it. Remove all the inside bits of the frame including pictures, cardboard or any other supporting material and hang or paste the frame in the wall by the entry door to the house, all that needs to be done is knock some nails in the inside space of the frame and your keys will have a much more attractive place to live while not being used. Notice how the frame will not take up any additional space while making the little door entry space that bit more attractive.

2: Transparent Make up Organizer Cabinet

For those ladies or young girls in the house, make up is one of the most un-organized items. The frequent use of makeup items and the smaller size of them often encourage them to be misplaced or thrown around in the room. For smaller apartments, where there is not a lot of space to work with, a clear or transparent make up organizer cabinet with separate compartments for all sized makeup items is a great idea and can help so very much in better organization of makeup for the women. They come in decent sizes and can easily be placed by the dressing table, further helping in reachable organization.

3: Bedside Pocket Caddy

Beds and bedside furniture are bigger in sizes and for smaller sized apartments, the bedrooms are that bit smaller as well. The small rooms generally don’t have enough space for bigger beds and side tables to go with them. One of the best small apartment decoration ideas on a budget is to install bedside pocket caddy on the flip side of the bed or even the head side if that’s what is preferred. This will help organizing all the side table stuff like electronic tablets, magazines, sunglasses, Smartphone or other frequently used things.

4: DIY Quick and Easy Tension Rod Shoe Storage

When looking to organize the shoe storage area, there are many ideas that will be recommended, but for small apartments where space is hardly found, try installing a tension rod somewhere near the closet or even in the entryway by the door. This is a women shoes special with all those heals making it easier for them to be hanged on the tension rods face down. Not only will the shoes be very easily viewable to make the selection process easier also the whole unit will look colorful with the added color of the shoes in it.

5: Easiest DIY Crates and Blinder Clips

One of the easiest DIY storage solutions is to arrange empty wooden crates in a suitable formation and bind them together using blinder clips. The blinder clips are not only strong and will hold the crates in place for long periods of time but their small size and fitting on the edges also complements the wooden style of the crates perfectly. This will facilitate both storage and elegant looks and on the bright side, everyone looking at it will be asking you questions and will appreciate your creativity.

6: DIY Custom Ottomans Storage plus Small Lounge Sitting Stool

In small apartments it’s all about more than one usage of the same furniture. Space is scarce and home owners are always looking for ideas on how to get furniture that is both functional in a couple of ways and looks great as well. Try converting the old medium sized container into an Ottoman style storage container which will also work as small sized dressing table sitting stool. All you need is traditional Turkish fabric and some foam that will be sat on the top of the lid of the container. Finally stitch the fabric to make it fit tightly and the Ottoman style storage container + dressing table sitting stool is ready to rock.
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7: DIY Jewelry Hangers

Jewelry is both precious, charming and great looking, why hide it in drawers, lockers and cabinets. In the bedroom by the dressing table or even the wall next to the bed, consider installing some delicate and posh looking jewelry hangers. Simple colored chords with a dozen small size nails will do the trick nicely. All that is needed is fine careful placement of the nails in preferred shapes and then the chords can be tied around them enabling the jewelry to be hanged on them easily. The lavish jewelry will highlight the wall it is on very nicely indeed.

8: DIY Bathroom Stuff Storage Containers

Bathrooms can be the most untidy places in the entire apartment especially when they are smaller in size. Smaller size will mean there is not a lot of space for cabinets and shelves. Normally floating glass shelves do the trick very nicely, but when there is smaller space to contend with, consider getting small sized plastic containers for the bathrooms and nail them in the wall somewhere, you daily used items like tooth-brushes, hair combs and brushes, hand wash and other washing liquids, cleaning gloves or even small replacement towels. This is a great way to organize the bathroom stuff in a more accessible way.

9: Magnetic Spices Holder Rack

This is a special one for the kitchen. O MY GOD do the spices containers have the tendency to go everywhere in the kitchen. No matter how hard you try, someone will put them at places they don’t look good at all. One of the best kitchen organizing ways is to put metallic lids on spice containers (most of them come with metallic lids anyway) and paste a magnetic square on the wall next to the cooking range. Then the spices containers can easily be magnetically attached on the magnetic wall you just created. Careful while picking them off though, no one wants to see spices on the floor.

10: DIY Display Shelf on the Wall

Another one on the DIY list is the display shelf that can be installed on the wall and utilized to display those unique great looking piece of decorative art that might be in the apartment. This is an easy one as well, just get some pieces of wood and nail them together in the shape of a self-cabinet. Paint it in whatever color preferred and attach it appropriately on the wall. The perfect display shelf is ready for the precious decorative items that will make the wall look much more elegant and appealing.

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