Ricky Tomlinson And Members Of Shrewsbury 24 Have Seventies Picketing Conviction Overturned

Ricky Tomlinson And Members Of Shrewsbury 24 Have Seventies Picketing Conviction Overturned

Following allegations of violence during this protest, in 1973 Tomlinson was charged with “conspiracy to intimidate” as one of the Shrewsbury Two. Despite pleading his innocence, he was discovered responsible and sentenced to 2 years in prison, alongside fellow picket Des Warren. After his release in 1975, he disrupted the TUC conference by shouting from the wings after he had been prevented from speaking on the stage. In 2012, Tomlinson and others sought to have the convictions overturned by the Criminal Cases Review Commission .

The programme was broadcast midway via the trial – at a time when there have been solely three TV channels in the UK – and it was also reported in lots of nationwide newspapers. Trade unionists attempting to overturn convictions in a forty seven-yr-lengthy campaign have advised the Court of Appeal they have been victims of an institution plot. The Liverpool Echo sends newsletters on a variety of topics – including our daily news bulletin, now going out thrice a day.

Ricky Tomlinson Clears His Name As Decades Old Injustice Overturned In Court Docket

Two dozen trade unionists who picketed during the 1972 nationwide builders’ strike were charged with offences together with unlawful meeting, conspiracy to intimidate and affray for picketing. Months after the strike ended, 24 commerce unionists have been arrested and prosecuted for offences including illegal assembly, conspiracy to intimidate, affray and threatening behaviour while picketing. This month, nearly 50 years later, the pickets’ lawyers revealed documents to the courtroom of attraction which they are saying show the Government of the day was heavily concerned in making that programme. Police arrested none of the demonstrators that day – but 5 months later, amid stress from building industry bosses, Tomlinson and others were charged and subsequently convicted of offences including illegal assembly, intimidation and affray.

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“Like me, he was victimised by the court docket for defending the interests of the working class. Today, the Court of Appeal overturned the convictions of all 14 on the grounds that original witness statements had been destroyed. Six of the 14, including Des Warren, who was jailed for 3 years, have since died and their appeals were continued in their name by their relations. The CCRC mentioned its determination was primarily based on recent proof arising from a 1973 observe that confirmed that some authentic statements had been destroyed.

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The trials have been held in Shrewsbury in the face of giant anger and protests exterior the courtroom. The activists – including the actor Ricky Tomlinson, before he found fame – insist that there was no intimidation. They even declare that they obtained the nice wishes of the Chief Constable as they received on the coaches which took them again residence. Lawyers representing 14 of the Shrewsbury 24, together with The Royle Family star Ricky Tomlinson, argued that the destruction of unique witness statements meant their convictions had been unsafe. Mr Tomlinson and his fellow pickets have been convicted of offences including unlawful meeting and affray.

  • Tomlinson has described it as a “sorry day for British justice” and says they should ‘by no means have been standing in the dock’.
  • Official government papers present its content was influenced by a then secret anti-communist propaganda unit contained in the Foreign Office which, alongside MI5, was concerned about Moscow’s potential infiltration of trade unionists.
  • After a collection of three trials at Shrewsbury crown court docket in Shropshire, they had been convicted of sentences ranging from three years’ to a few months’ imprisonment suspended for 2 years.
  • Tomlinson, eighty, stated it was “excellent news” and an opportunity to prove that he and 23 different men – known as the Shrewsbury 24 – have been prosecuted in what amounted to a politically motivated assault on the commerce union motion by the federal government, police and managers.

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